CuttingEdgeX (CEX) is an online marketplace that connects everyday investors with independent, social enterprises that need growth capital. The CEX platform lists investments issued via Direct Public Offerings, or DPOs. The platform, launched in partnership with Hylo, serves entrepreneurs, investors, and anyone interested in inclusive, values-based investing.

How does it work?

The mission of our platform is to create a one-stop shop for DPOs. Currently, much of the information about these investment opportunities is by word of mouth and there is lots of confusion about how they work. There is no platform that provides a legal way for both accredited and non-accredited investors to discover and participate in DPOs.

CEX provides the following tools and services:

CuttingEdgeX 2

1. DPO listing platform
2. Investor and entrepreneur education and social networking
3. Tools for DPO issuers to educate the public about their investment opportunity and on-board investors such as:

  • Online payment tools
  • Online document review and signing
  • Backend investor CRM database for tracking investors

A video demonstration of the tools can be seen here.