In response to the COVID-19 pandemic and its impact on businesses, especially small and mission-driven enterprises, Cutting Edge presented a webinar for nonprofits considering deploying a loan fund to further their missions. Nonprofits that intend to assist their stakeholders in recovering or restarting businesses by infusing those businesses with capital may want to explore starting or expanding a charitable loan fund. 

A charitable fund would take note investments from community members/organizations and then manage the deployment of those funds to businesses as loans. The webinar will explore how these types of funds work, how they are especially powerful in recovery efforts, what the common legal set up and capital raise considerations are, how to prepare for a capital raise campaign and how to manage ongoing oversight of the fund.

Unfortunately, the first couple minutes of introductions were cut off from the recording. Kim Arnone and Brian Beckon are principals at Cutting Edge and were the presenters for this webinar.