community-fundedA Direct Public Offering (DPO) is a term that refers to a public offering of securities by a business or nonprofit to both accredited and non-accredited investors in one or more states. DPOs can involve several different legal compliance strategies, and can be structured as debt, equity, or revenue-sharing.  DPOs are available to many different entity structures, including for-profit corporations, LLCs, cooperatives, and nonprofits.

The low cost of capital combined with the ability to raise funds directly from investors make a DPO an ideal fit for many enterprises, but is it right for yours? What factors should you consider when deciding to “DPO”? In our webinar on January 6, “Is a Direct Public Offering Right for You?”, we take a deeper dive on the key issues to consider when deciding whether to do a DPO. Join us to understand the DPO option and how you can take the next step to raise funds directly from your supporters through a Direct Public Offering.


John Katovich, President

John has over 30 years of experience as a securities lawyer and entrepreneur. John was General Counsel at the Pacific Stock Exchange and Boston Stock Exchange and was the Chief Regulator Officer for the NASDAQ subsidiary regulating options. He has represented and dealt with major securities regulators and governmental entities, including, among others, the SEC, FINRA, state regulators, Congressional banking and finance subcommittees, the CFTC, and emerging/developing country governments as an advisor and consultant in capital market development.

Brian Beckon, Vice President

Brian is an attorney with over twenty-five years of experience working for nonprofits, start-ups, and publicly-traded companies. He has served as General Counsel for RSF Social Finance, Clean Power Finance, and LendZoan; and before that as Corporate Counsel for Sybase and Catellus Development Corporation.

Kim Arnone, Vice President

Kim has 18 years of experience working with start-up enterprises, small- and medium-sized businesses and Fortune 500 companies to solve business, legal and capital raising challenges. She works with for-profit businesses, non-profit entities, and cooperatives to help them identify the best way to design a capital raising strategy that works with clients’ business strategy, marketing plans and long-term goals.

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