Investment Crowdfunding Marketing Guide

Investment crowdfunding is a term that refers to a public offering of securities by a business or nonprofit to both accredited and non-accredited investors in one or more states. This is also referred to as “do-it-yourself IPO’s,” “securities-based crowdfunding,” and “Direct Public Offerings” (or “DPOs”), and it allows companies to raise capital directly from everyone—their community, fans, customers, and supporters. Using a DPO, a company can market and advertise its offering publicly by any means it chooses—through advertising in newspapers and magazines; at public events and private meetings; on the internet; and through social media channels. DPOs can involve a variety of different compliance strategies and are legal under existing law.

Whether you’re just starting to think about doing a DPO or already in the midst of one, this guide can help you. In it, you will learn about marketing techniques, gaining practical ideas and proven strategies for investing your time, energy, and resources on marketing. This guide is not meant as a replacement for the value a company can obtain by using a professional marketing firm; but for those with budgets that cannot yet afford that kind of expertise, this can serve as a roadmap of sorts to help think through how marketing a DPO might be accomplished.

The guide is composed of examples of “best practices” from our successful DPO clients. Each practice has been turned into a headline marketing strategy and includes a recommended implementation timeline, a handful of insider tips, and a link to additional resources for a deeper dive.

The way you market can make—or break—your DPO. But an effective DPO marketing strategy is within reach, only requiring the time, dedication, and ingenuity that has made you a successful entrepreneur in the first place.

Equipped with the tips and strategies below, you can succeed at reaching your goal.

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