Don’t miss this great event on September 2, Labor Day, in Oakland, California!

In partnership with SOCAP, an annual conference dedicated to increasing the flow of capital towards social good, we are proud to present CoCap – the Community Capital Symposium being held the day before SOCAP.

The Symposium is being sponsored by Cutting Edge Capital, the Local Investing Resource CenterHUB OaklandSustainable Business Alliance (a BALLE network), and Springboard Innovation.

Come learn about how communities can invest their money in local, social, and sustainable businesses.

We will be exploring the emerging world of Direct Public Offerings, local investing clubs and networks, crowdfunding, and other ways that communities can unlock previously inaccessible sources of local, grassroots capital.

Whether you are a business owner interested in raising money in your community, or a saver, investor, or community member that wants to learn about putting money to work locally, you will find plenty of inspiration, tools, and connections at the Community Capital Symposium.  Please join us!

Click here for more information or to purchase tickets!