A Tax Trap for Cannabis Businesses, and How Not To Get Snared

For a cannabis business, section 280E of the Internal Revenue Code sucks. But here’s how to make it suck less. Normally, businesses deduct the “ordinary and necessary expenses paid or incurred during the taxable year in carrying on any trade or business[.]”  But...

How Any Company Can Have a Positive Impact

Over the past couple of decades we’ve heard a lot about “social enterprises,” a term usually applied to companies that are visibly making the world a better place. Those are the good guys, the heroes of our time. We would all like to be one of them, to do something...

An Interview with Sonoma West Publishers, a Local Newspaper’s Experience with a Direct Public Offering

What is Sonoma West’s mission? Sonoma West Publishers is a small newspaper group devoted to local community news coverage, a mission we have been following for 154 years. Each of our four newspapers is actually older than the incorporated cities they cover.   Why did...

Podcast Interview with Lor Holmes, General Manager of CERO

  In 2018, CERO was a winner at the Massachusetts Sustainable Business Awards. A few years prior, Cutting Edge Capital helped them complete a successful DPO. Listen to CERO general manager, Lor Holmes reflect on their experience and give advice to other organizations...

Reimagining the Pooled Income Fund: A Community-Scale Mutual Fund

At Cutting Edge Capital, we think a lot about the possible legal strategies that can advance community capital. There are the often-used (if not well-known) strategies like crowdfunding, direct public offerings, and charitable loan funds. But then there are strategies...

Welcome Sydney!

A big welcome to Sydney--our new Communications and Operations Associate! She's a Bay Area native and UCSB alumnus. Her background includes stints in social enterprises and impact organizations including working on campaigns to prevent child exploitation and...

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Job Opening: Communications and Operations

Are you interested in business, law, marketing, or some combination? We're hiring for a dynamic position that will include driving our marketing, managing client relations, and supporting our day-to-day operations. Take a look at our listing below to learn more. Job...

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Lower Your Taxes with Economic Democracy

Many business people know that S corporations and limited liability companies (LLCs) are tools to skip tax on a business’s income. But did you know that Subchapter T allows certain enterprises to benefit from the corporate form AND pass profits through to members...

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