Listen in as Bay Area Ranchers Cooperative (BAR-C) Vice President Adam Parks speaks with KALX Method to the Madness host Lisa Kiefer about the future of sustainable ranching and the alternative meat sourcing option his collective aims to provide local consumers. During the segment, Parks shares his own history and experience as a local rancher and meat vendor, which ultimately led to the inception of the BAR-C and its mission to provide USDA-inspected responsible animal harvesting.

Like many organizations, both large and small, BAR-C’s member farms have had to quickly pivot to counter challenges caused by the global pandemic. However, where many large meat processing plants across the country faced shortages, BAR-C’s member farms were able to maintain their businesses due to their small-scale operations and alternative meat processing model. Moving forward, BAR-C will continue its fundraising campaign, which launched in September and is offering various types of capital raise strategies including preferred stock offerings and a Reg CF via WeFunder

Hear the full interview below.