2021: A Year of Impact

Cutting Edge Capital would like to thank each and every client, partner organization, community member, and ally that helped make 2021 another impactful year. Join us in commemorating highlights that made 2021 a year we’ll never forget.

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Audio Interview: MedFire Innovations, Inc. Part 2

In our previous blog, we heard from MedFire Innovations’ Founder and President, Greg Christmas who spoke about MedFire’s mission to protect the lives of patients, emergency and healthcare providers through innovative, safer products. Now, check out part two of our discussion to hear why MedFire chose a direct public offering (DPO), what new projects are on the horizon and future opportunities for investors.

Interested in investing? Learn more about MedFire Innovations here.

Audio Interview: Meet MedFire Innovations, Inc. Part 1

MedFire Innovations’ mission is straightforward: to discover simple solutions to some of the emergency services industry’s most challenging problems, and to develop products that protect the lives of patients, emergency and healthcare providers. Since launching their direct public offering last fall, MedFire has expanded their broad range of service to support medical device development and innovators.

Listen to part one of our discussion with MedFire Founder and President, Greg Christmas to hear more about MedFire’s mission and the problem they were created to solve.

Stay tuned for Part II of our discussion where Founder/President Greg Christmas provides us with an update on new services being offered by MedFire and future investment opportunities. Part II coming May 1st.

Video: Discussion on Direct Public Offerings

The Cutting Edge team specializes in working with clients interested in community capital raise solutions such as direct public offerings, also known as DPOs. In addition to the many years of experience handling DPOs for other organizations, Cutting Edge was once the “client” themselves, in the sense that they experienced the DPO process firsthand. Now, some years later, they are celebrating their final DPO repayment and are sharing their perspective.

Listen in as Founding Partner John Katovich and Managing Partners Brian Beckon and Kim Arnone discuss the firm’s experience with DPOs and share tips for other organizations considering this type of capital raise. 

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Welcome Randy Nye, New Cutting Edge Attorney

Welcome Randy Nye, New Cutting Edge Attorney

Randy’s law practice is focused on matters relating to executive compensation and employee benefits with a special emphasis on alternative asset investing within self-directed retirement accounts and (k) plans. Randy originally cultivated this expertise while practicing at a large Cleveland, Ohio based law firm with a national reputation for its executive compensation and ERISA (Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974) practice group.  Subsequent to this large law firm practice experience, Randy was a principal in his family’s financial services business where he engineered new concepts and created the compliant financial infrastructure to distribute them.  Also during this time Randy maintained a boutique law practice focusing on “private client” issues.  In addition to his “of counsel” relationship with Cutting Edge Counsel, Randy is shifting more of his professional attention to the highly complementary (to his role at Cutting Edge Counsel) consumer and producer focused cooperative design center he founded.  The center seeks to promote cooperative entrepreneurship via co-op enterprises affiliated with a new platform/network Randy is designing of cooperative common bond (i.e., community) foundations.

Randy lives in the Cleveland, Ohio area with his wife, Karen, who is a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist.  Randy assists Karen with the business aspects of her independent anesthesia practice focusing on ophthalmic anesthesia.  Randy and Karen have four adult sons who are spread between California, Ohio and Germany.  They are doting grandparents to their first grandchild, Luke, who lives in the gateway to the Black Forest, Freiburg ii Bresigau, Germany.