CEX-logo-hirez-large-300dpiCuttingEdgeX is a social enterprise that is dedicated to building a new, healthier, more sustainable economy.  CuttingEdgeX is a platform that allows social enterprises to connect with investors that want to support them and provides educational tools and materials to simplify business finance. CuttingEdgeX technology was created in in partnership with Hylo, a social network designed to help people connect, collaborate, share resources, and bring their visions into the world.

SVX US is a platform connecting impact ventures, funds, and investors in order to catalyze new debt and equity investment capital for local ventures that have demonstrable social and/or environmental impact, including nonprofits, co-operatives, and for-profit corporations. SVX searches for quality impact ventures, funds, and investors and provides them with tailored education, tools, and standards.

The Port Workspaces

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