We Love Our Investors

Since we opened our doors almost five years ago Cutting Edge Capital has completed two of our own Direct Public Offerings (DPOs), a tool many of our clients have now used to raise capital. In contrast to the often-fraught experience of bringing in angel investors or venture capitalists, who typically demand, among other things, changes in management, a new business model, or decisions that compromise values, our experience from our own DPOs couldn’t be more different.

We recently sent our investors an update about what we’ve been up to (along with their annual check and our sincere appreciation for their support). We received kind words of support in response, which we would now like to share (anonymous, of course):

“It is my pleasure to see Cutting Edge Capital has crafted a substantive line of services in support of a healthy, just, and sustainable new mainstream economy.”

“CEC is doing such important work, and your pioneering initiative with DPO’s and other areas is truly inspiring.”

“I look forward to referring clients I think are a good fit for CEC as well as CEC’s sister law firm Cutting Edge Counsel.”

“It is truly a pleasure to support your work, we are big fans!”

“It is a pleasure to work with you and I hope I have the opportunity to collaborate with CEC in the future.”

“So glad to be a (tiny) part of it all. So great that all is going well.”

Around the office and at speaking events, we’re often fond of saying that we love our clients and our investors, and it’s true. Getting responses like these are great affirmations that we are on the right track building a new economy. We are happy to share this with you all.

The Cutting Edge Team