Cutting Edge Counsel is Cutting Edge Capital’s sister law firm. Specializing in both traditional and new economy law (benefit corporation, cottage food, sharing economy, crowdfunding, etc.), Cutting Edge Counsel offers a full menu of legal services to organizations of the new economy. From start-up through financing to ongoing operations and succession planning, we work with clients in every phase of development.





CuttingEdgeX is a social enterprise that is dedicated to building a new, healthier, more sustainable economy.  CuttingEdgeX is a platform that allows social enterprises to connect with investors that want to support them and provides educational tools and materials to simplify business finance.  CuttingEdgeX works in partnership with Hylo, a social network designed to help people connect, collaborate, share resources, and bring their visions into the world.






Mercury360® is proud to partner with Cutting Edge Capital to help social-mission driven companies raise capital through DPOs. We expertly craft and tell your company’s story to reach target investors and attract funding to build, operate, and grow your business. We’re based in San Francisco and offer a full range of marketing services focused on the needs of small to medium-sized businesses.



Designed by industry professionals, VertoTrack (Latin for “Exchange”) is a cloud-hosted relationship manager to help private companies manage their capital offerings after the stock has been sold. With VertoTrack, you can easily calculate and issue new certificates, contact clients, track prospects, keep precise records of communications, list brokers and advisor relationships, create reports, and much more.