field guideThe Capital Institute is a non-partisan, transdisciplinary collaborative launched in 2010. The mission of the Institute is to explore and effect the economic transition to a more just, regenerative, and sustainable way of life through the transformation of finance. The Capital Institute’s Field Guide to Investing in a Regenerative Economy is a storytelling collaborative that seeks to illuminate how the global economy can operate as a restorative agent in support of enterprises and practices that empower individuals and regenerate the land and communities in which they operate.

cfrcThe Community Financial Resource Center (CFRC) is a non-profit Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI) offering comprehensive and innovative ways to build wealth for historically underserved residents and small business owners in South L.A. and across L.A. County. The organization provides commercial lending opportunities- including micro loans, peer lending, and small business loans – along with business training, asset development programs, and banking programs. CFRC has served nearly 100,000 low income clients since its inception in 1992. Its programs have resulted in nearly $14 million in economic activity and the retention and creation of thousands of jobs. The transformative power of CFRC’s services – combined with its clients’ enterprise and hard work – improves the financial standing of individuals, launches and sustains small businesses, and generates economic activity that strengthens entire neighborhoods.

Invest with Values is a free educational resource for individual investors and investment professionals who are interested in aligning their money and values. Known as “The Investor’s Gateway to Positive Change,” Invest with Values hosts a curated directory with hundreds of leading organizations and resources, a public discussion forum, and a news center that is home to the most up-to-date articles from many sources. Coverage includes local banking, community investing, socially responsible investing, impact investing and more, while the content is devoted to the power of aligning money and values.

Project Equity envisions a future where business decisions are made through the lens of what is good for employees and communities. We provide targeted training to help business owners find out if employee ownership is a good fit and support businesses in making the transition. By supporting businesses to become employee-owned, we gain control of economic development locally and grow community resilience. Visit our website to learn more about our Cooperative Business Incubator, get inspired by our case studies, or set up a free consultation.

TF_new_logoTransform Finance brings together impact investors and social justice leaders to deepen their collective impact. They provide investors, accelerators, entrepreneurs, and communities with training, convening, and advisory services that build investment and enterprise models aligned with a community focus. Transform Finance empowers all players to engage deeply with the communities they purport to serve by advising funds on how to align their impact investment strategies with community empowerment values; by providing curricula and consulting to social entrepreneurs who wish to engage with communities; and by providing communities involved in revenue-generating activities with the knowledge base needed to ensure that investments and enterprises align with their long-term needs and aspirations.

vertotrackDesigned by industry professionals, VertoTrack (Latin for “Exchange”) is a cloud-hosted relationship manager to help private companies manage their capital offerings after the stock has been sold. With VertoTrack, you can easily calculate and issue new certificates, contact clients, track prospects, keep precise records of communications, list brokers and advisor relationships, create reports, and much more.

Working Solutions is a Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI) whose mission is to provide microentrepreneurs with the access to capital and resources they need to start or grow a successful business. up to $50,000, five years of postprioritize serving low-income individuals, women, and minorities. They support microenterprise growth as a strategy to strengthen the local economy, create jobs, and build strong communities. They provide assistance in form of small business loans (microloans) from $5,000 up to $50,000, five years of post-loan business coaching and advising, and referrals to small business resources.


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