New Economy

The “new economy” is a growing and diverse global movement of people and organizations that believe that the economy should serve human needs and take care of our planet and natural resources. From community banks to economic development, we need to rethink our economic system so that it works for all people and the environment.

Blog Posts

Cutting Edge Capital and the Direct Public Offering: How the Direct Public Offering connects small investors with enterprise leaders in their communities who share their values.

Finding Resilience in Community-owned Banks: Cutting Edge Capital’s Director of Ownership Strategy Marjorie Kelly looks at the diverse family of banks, including credit unions and cooperative banks, that are boons to their communities.

Let’s Call Mitt’s Brand of Business What It Is: Extractive:  The identifying characteristic of an “extractive” enterprise is a laser-like focus on extracting maximum wealth for oneself but it’s not the only way to do business.

New Regulations Threaten Community Banks:  In the wake of the financial crisis, regulators have enacted rules to rein in the big banks that are threatening to crush the more responsible smaller banks who contributed little to the crisis in the first place.

Farm to Table: Who’s Carrying the Load?: Food isn’t grown just by people living in another country. It comes from people living and working here, many living in rural communities. A new report examines whether the large companies that dominate the U.S. food industry are good for workers and consumers.

Takeaways from the Chicago Food Festival: In 1996, the City of Chicago, the Chicago Park District, and the Forest Preserve District of Cook County formed a nonprofit organization called NeighborSpace. NeighborSpace is a nonprofit “land trust” that acquires properties to ensure their continued use as gardens and urban farms.

What can the Packers tell us about community economic development? The Green Bay Packers reorganized their franchise into a non-profit corporation controlled by local shareholders, spurring community economic development.

Small Thinking About Small Business: A Rebuttal to Jared Bernstein: Communities with a thriving small business sector tend to have higher income growth, more equality, better voting participation, more entrepreneurship, more tourism, and more smart growth.

How Bambi Beat Godzilla: A Response to James Surowiecki: James Surowieki argues for large economies of scale, which have historically been the norm. Today, that era is ending.

Two Cheers for the JOBS Act: The JOBS Act is a great game-changer for local economy advocates. It allows the 99% of us who are not wealthy (“unaccredited investors”) to put our money in the local businesses we love.

The Little Grocery That Could: The grocery business is notoriously difficult, with huge perishable inventories and tight margins if you want to serve the best in local products yet be competitively priced.

Can I set up an investment fund open to the public?: Being regulated as an investment fund is extremely onerous and expensive – this is the law that regulates mutual funds.


The Legal Landscape of Social Enterprise and the Sharing Economy: About what a new economy built on sharing and sustainability would look like.


Creating a Community Investment Fund – A Local Food Approach: A project of Cutting Edge Capital, sponsored by the Solidago Foundation & Lydia B. Stokes Foundation, this handbook written by CEC fellow Michael Shuman, with contributions from Jeff Rosen and Tom Willits, aims to help communities  create their own investment funds.

News from around the Web

Move Your Startup to St. Louis and Get $50,000: CEC Fellow Michael Shuman is quoted in this article about the impact of local startups.

NC group: Sales, jobs could flow from Yadkin dams: CEC Fellow Michael Shuman authored a report showing that state management of the dams would result in about 350 to 560 more permanent jobs.


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