Financing Local Food in the Bay Area

Cutting Edge Capital was selected by the American Farmland Trust and the Greenbelt Alliance to develop a scalable model for sustainable financing of agricultural businesses in the Bay Area.  This important project will include a risk analysis and assessment of requirements for success across the entire sustainable agriculture value chain and will culminate with the identification and funding feasibility for several shovel-ready projects in the region.

The project will design an investment strategy for Bay Area sustainable agriculture that meets the simultaneous goals of stimulating the local economy and preserving farmland.

For more information on financing local food or to suggest viable shovel-ready projects in the Bay Area’s sustainable food value chain, contact Kristin York at


About Jenny

Jenny, CEO of Cutting Edge Capital, has over seventeen years of experience as an attorney for and creator of social enterprises. She has raised funds for and launched a public space cleaning and maintenance business, a landscapers’ cooperative, and a public market. She has extensive experience with direct public offerings, nonprofit-for-profit joint ventures, cooperatives, and creative financing tools. She has a law degree from Yale and a masters in city planning from U.C. Berkeley.

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