Success Stories

Real Pickles

Real Pickles

Real Pickles reached its goal of $500,000 in just two months by offering non-voting preferred stock to investors in Vermont and Massachusetts and converted to a worker-owned co-op.  Learn more here and read a detailed case study from Community Involved in Sustaining Agriculture.


Quimper Mercantile

Quimper Mercantile in Port Townsend, Washington, raised about $750,000 by selling common stock to Washington residents and opened for business, ensuring that local residents could continue to buy essentials in their own community.  Learn more here.


People’s Community Market


People’s Community Market has raised $1.2 million and will soon open a neighborhood grocery store that helps West Oakland families thrive by offering quality fresh foods, affordable groceries, health services, and a place for community building and recreation.


Farm Fresh to You

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Farm Fresh to You has raised over $1 million from its customers and is continuing to raise capital on an ongoing basis.  Interest on the notes purchased by investors is paid in credits toward organic produce rather than cash.  Learn more here.