July 30, 2014:

Hacking the Economy: Investing Alternatives – A Policy Hackethon – Oakland, CA






Please join us at Impact Hub Oakland to hack California’s securities laws and open doors to community-sourced capital for our local businesses! Securities regulations have created a two caste system among investors: accredited (meaning: rich) and not. Accredited investors are assumed to be capable of taking the risk of investing in small local businesses, in farms, in new solar projects, and a wide variety of opportunities while such investments are rarely open to regular investors due to our existing legal regime. Cutting Edge Capital CEO and attorney Jenny Kassan will give an overview of current laws and options, including an update on how she has helped businesses to navigate the legal hurdles and do Direct Public Offerings (DPOs). Janelle Orsi and Christina Oatfield of the Sustainable Economies Law Center will then give you the scoop on California’s current crowdfunding legislation (AB 2096), discuss its possibilities and limitations, and lead a brainstorm of proposals for a potential 2015 bill to create more nuanced and easy-to-navigate crowdfunding laws for California.

The event will run from 6:30 p.m to 8:30 p.m. Please visit Impact Hub Oakland’s website for more information:


September 24-27, 2014:

35th Annual IRTA International Convention – Cancun, Mexico






The International Reciprocal Trade Association (IRTA) is is the world’s leading association and advocate for the barter and trade industry. 

Cutting Edge Capital’s Jenny Kassan will be speaking at IRTA’s 35th Annual International Convention.

The Convention will have events featuring:

  • Nationally renowned speakers
  • Broker training
  • Technological developments in the field
  • Complementary currency programs

Please refer to IRTA’s website for more information:


October 8-11, 2014:

Sierra Business Council 2014 Conference – Lake Tahoe, CA




Sierra Business Council presents three days of conversations, new ways of thinking about old issues and creative models for bringing about large scale social, economic and environmental change in the Sierra Nevada. The 20th Anniversary Conference in Lake Tahoe will ignite and inspire innovation and action to build and sustain flourishing Sierra communities. The conference will bring together a lineup of thought leaders and practitioners who are designing and implementing cutting-edge solutions to the most difficult social and environmental issues of our time. Tracks for the Conference include:

  • Examining critical Sierra issues and exploring best practices for leveraging water and forest resources for economic and environmental good
  • Exploring ways to advance innovation in rural communities
  • Skill-bulding workshops designed to equip regional leaders with the tools to measure and move the needle on triple bottom line efforts

The conference will explore the evolving opportunities and challenges in creating, measuring and implementing sustainable solutions to local and Sierra-wide issues.

Cutting Edge Capital’s Jenny Kassan will be speaking on a panel about impact investing.

Please refer to the conference website for more information:


October 10-13, 2014:

Local Money UnConference – Spokane, WA


The Local Money UnConference will be October 10-13, 2014 in Spokane, WA.

Guests can expect to participate in strategic educational workshops based on systems of local community investing, the sharing economy, and effective pathways of moving social capital to financial capital — establishing a relationships platform for a business culture dedicated to local-ism.

The event promises to guide attendees through a unique and empowering experience designed to focus energy around the region’s strongest models of local living economies.

Cutting Edge Capital’s Jenny Kassan will be delivering the conference keynote on October 12.

Please refer to Sustainable Resources INW’s website for more information:


November 9-11, 2014:

SRI Conference – Colorado Springs, CO

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Celebrating 25 years, the SRI Conference on Sustainable, Responsible, Impact Investing will be November 9-11, 2014, in Colorado Springs, Colorado. The SRI Conference is an annual gathering of the responsible investment industry designed to stimulate, inspire, and serve the needs of investment professionals, as well as institutional and high net worth investors who seek to direct investment capital in positive, healthy, transformative ways—toward a truly sustainable future.

Hundreds of financial professionals and industry practitioners will attend The SRI Conference, including: 1) licensed investment professionals serving investor clients; 2) SRI mutual fund companies, asset managers, social research organizations, and other product/service providers to the industry; and 3) investors, nonprofit organizations including community development banks and credit unions, faith based organizations, and other groups that work with investors on various social change initiatives.

Cutting Edge Capital’s John Katovich will be participating in a breakout session at the conference.

Please refer to the conference website for more information:


November 10-12, 2014

Annual Slow Money Gathering – Louisville, KY

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Details forthcoming.