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Jenny, CEO of Cutting Edge Capital, has over seventeen years of experience as an attorney for and creator of social enterprises. She has raised funds for and launched a public space cleaning and maintenance business, a landscapers’ cooperative, and a public market. She has extensive experience with direct public offerings, nonprofit-for-profit joint ventures, cooperatives, and creative financing tools. She has a law degree from Yale and a masters in city planning from U.C. Berkeley.

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Story of a Repentant Angel

Mike Michalowicz, author of the book Profit First, sold his multimillion-dollar computer forensic investigations business to a Fortune 500 firm. He then decided to become an angel investor. Here is what happened next: I decided that investing in a dozen brand-new start-ups was the best way to use my windfall. After all, it was only […]

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Is a Direct Public Offering Right for Me?

m4s0n501 Capital raising can be difficult, especially when you’re stuck with the wrong approach. Whether you’re raising capital from private investors, appealing to banks for loan financing, looking to the “crowd” for donations, or offering your community of customers and supporters an investment opportunity through a Direct Public Offering, raising capital requires a considerable commitment of […]

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City RFP Encourages the Use of Community-Based Financing Tools

The City of Oakland recently released a Request for Proposals for the redevelopment of the Henry J. Kaiser Convention Center. It included something unusual and exciting for those of us who want to see the wealth generated by community revitalization benefit a broad cross-section of community residents. On page 15, the RFP says, Community-based Financing […]

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Can you announce your DPO on your web site and in social media? SEC’s response is clear as mud

The SEC recently released the following guidance: Question 141.04 Question: An issuer plans to use a third-party Internet portal to promote an offering to residents of a single state in accordance with a state statute or regulation intended to enable securities crowdfunding within that state. Assuming the issuer met the other conditions of Rule 147, […]

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Buying Into Solar Power, No Roof Access Needed – But Is it a Security?

On June 19, the New York Times ran a story about utility customers buying into solar arrays constructed elsewhere and receiving credit on their electricity bills for the power these panels produce. It’s a great solution for customers that are renters, have shady roofs, or for some other reason can’t or prefer not to install […]

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Integration and Maximums: Raising up to $1 Million from Investors in all 50 States

We are often asked whether it’s okay to raise money from multiple sources using multiple strategies at the same time or close in time. The answer to this question depends on several factors. Here are a few pointers: If you are conducting a Direct Public Offering under the federal exemption known as Rule 504, you […]

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Regulatory Issues for Local Currency: A Meeting in the Berkshires

I recently traveled to South Egremont, Massachusetts, to discuss policy and regulatory issues with a small group of local currency advocates.  South Egremont is the home of the Schumacher Center for a New Economics, the organization that launched BerkShares, one of the best-established local currencies in the world. With growing attention to cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, […]

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Thank you to our wonderful inaugural DPO boot camp class!

We learned so much from our participants and will use what we learned to do an even better Boot Camp #2! Here are some of the comments we received: “This is an exciting and innovative way to promote local support and economics and we are proud to be part of the pilot program!” “Companies just […]

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How to create a $350 million impact investment fund for the San Francisco Bay Area

According to the 2010 Survey of Consumer Finances, 50.4 percent of families have retirement accounts and the average value of these accounts was $44,000. According to the Census, there were about 1.6 million families in the 9 county Bay Area in 2010.  If 50.4 percent of these families have retirement accounts, 806,400 have retirement accounts. […]

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Going Back to School to Raise Capital – CEC’s DPO Boot Camp

Seven Bay Area companies are going back to school to learn how to raise money legally from their loyal customer and fan base, both wealthy and non-wealthy.  Over CEC’s DPO boot camp’s five sessions, they will work to launch and manage their own Direct Public Offerings (DPOs).  DPOs are different from the offerings on crowdfunding […]

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