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Direct Public Offerings

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Direct Private Offerings

Consulting Projects

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 To Our Supporters and Potential Investors…

It’s been almost nine months since we started our own Direct Public Offering, and thanks to those who believe in us and support our mission to transform the capital markets, we raised $120,000! 

To you who invested, we wish to express our deepest gratitude.  What you have done for CEC is what we intend to do for thousands of other companies that need our leadership, guidance, and expertise so that they too can gain their own community support, grow their opportunities, and join the movement to redefine how a sustainable capital market can operate.

To others who have considered an investment (and existing investors who have considered investing more), we want to nudge you forth, because we are so very close to our goal of $150,000. 

And for all of those who would like to know what we’ve been doing since we started raising these funds, below is a brief description of clients and projects we have started or completed.

Direct Public Offerings

Peoples Community Market

 Their DPO is in progress and they have raised more almost $500,000 and counting.

Arroyo Food Coop

This DPO, currently in progress, is being used to raise loan funds from co-op members to allow this new food store to launch.

Real Pickles

We completed the compliance work for this worker cooperative DPO only ­­­­­­­­about a month ago and they have already raised almost $300,000 from Massachusetts and Vermont investors.

Farmland LP

We are helping Farmland LP to conduct a DPO to raise funds for their sustainable meat business, Vitality Farms.

 Community Investment Funds

We helped them analyze how to shift food consumption in their region so that 25 percent of food purchases come from local producers.  Now we are helping them to create a local food investment fund that will be open to the public.  (Click here for our report.)


Mendocino Economic Development and Financing 


We are helping them create an investment fund open to the public for funding community economic development in Mendocino County.

Consulting Projects

California Cap and Trade Training

We were selected to develop and provide a five-day training program for the California Air Resources Board managers and staff on markets, fraud and market abuse, enforcement, and overall preparation for implementation of the carbon cap and trade market.  We completed the training at the end of 2012.

Food Commons

We are working with Food Commons to develop the organizational structures for a national nonprofit, national trust, and local organizations that will implement the Food Commons principles in regions throughout the world, starting in Fresno and Atlanta.


American Farmland Trust Greenbelt Alliance

We are working with them to analyze the market for financing of food enterprise and develop financing tools that will support more localized food consumption in the Bay Area.

Direct Private Offerings

Moksha Yoga

We helped them do a private offering to purchase and develop a retreat center west of Chicago.


We are helping them raise funds to fulfill orders from Whole Foods.


Community Non-Profits

We are developing a program that will allow us to provide resources to non-profits that provide assistance to disadvantaged entrepreneurs and would like to help their clients conduct community capital raising.



CEC is also partnering with Vetrotrack, which is a software-as-a-service company that has developed tools for keeping track of information about investors, at a very competitive price point.  This partnership will allow us to provide an affordable tool to our clients that need help with post-financing information tracking and compliance.  This company was founded by employees of Equal Exchangeso they have a great deal of experience keeping track of large numbers of investors (Equal Exchange has hundreds of investors)!

Mission Markets 

Not only does CEC provide consulting services for new, emerging, and alternative market designs, it will soon play a central role in building them.  Flowing out of a close client relationship with Mission Markets, CEC will be establishing its own portal/platform that will showcase DPOs that it has helped obtain approval for.

Mission Capital

In addition, John has co-founded a Broker-Dealer called Mission Capital, which will provide support for companies raising capital both privately and publicly and eventually will host a secondary trading market.

IndieGoGo Partner Page

We now have a partner page on IndieGoGo (a donation-based crowdfunding site) where we will be able to promote crowdfunding campaigns to raise the funds needed to conduct a DPO.  On the partner page, we will showcase companies we are working with, and once the minimum amount is raised, we will begin the DPO process.

The following are the first two ventures that will raise funds on our Indiegogo partner page:

Energy Solidarity Coop

This is a multi-stakeholder coop that implements community energy efficiency projects.

Mustard Hill Organics 

This company will create pop up portable greenhouses with a retail space attached.

Free Range Studios

We are working with Free Range Studios to develop a branding strategy and a short video to help describe what CEC does and how we can all work together to promote community finance.

DPO Software

We are working with an excellent software developer on software that will streamline the process of conducting DPOs.


We’ve received tremendous feedback from clients and supporters:

Mary Nichols, Chairperson of California Air Resources Board

At a recent meeting, Mary delivered a nice thank you and very positive feedback on the training we provided her staff on markets, fraud, and enforcement.

Kristin Hull, CEC Investor

“I am thrilled to support Cutting Edge Capital and their ground breaking work building community financing tools. CEC is doing critical and meaningful work to open up this space, helping build transparency, inclusivity and accessibility for financing mission driven organizations.”

Kevin Bayuk, Lift Economy 

“If we want prosperous local economies that benefit all life, we need to innovate how we work with capital.  Simply put, Cutting Edge Capital is the leader guiding ethical organizations through growth financing in ways that preserve control and missions that matter.  We recommend Jenny and her team to all our clients seeking capital.”


Steve Piersanti, Berrett-Koehler Publishers

“Thank you again for submitting your superb set of recommendations, which were wonderfully responsive to what we requested, outstandingly well tailored to Berrett-Koehler’s needs and objectives, highly knowledgeable, and clearly and usefully conveyed.  Every observation I have ever heard you make is very thoughtful, knowledgeable, insightful, and helpful.”

In Closing, we think you can see that we’ve accomplished quite a lot since we started this fundraising campaign, but we know we can do so much more with just another $30,000.  

And it would only take 30 of you investing the minimum $1,000 to get us there! 


Thank you again, supporters, for your belief in us and in a new financial revolution. Our goal is to take this to the next level, and with your help, we can get there sooner

If you have any questions, feel free to contact either of us or Angelica Banks, our Chief Operating Officer.

John and Jenny

This is not an offer to sell or a solicitation of any offer to buy any securities.  Offers are made only by prospectus or other offering materials.  To obtain further information, you must complete our investor questionnaire and meet the suitability standards required by law.

These securities are offered only to California residents who meet certain suitability standards and other requirements pursuant to the Department of Corporations permit # 309-4762. The Commissioner of Corporations of the state of California does not recommend or endorse the purchase of these securities.



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